The easiest way to buy Bitcoin in Minneapolis!

Now available... the first Bitcoin ATM in downtown Minneapolis!

Downtown Minneapolis now has access to the quickest and most convenient way to purchase Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin ATM is conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis, at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Washington Avenue, on the skyway level of a residential building called The Crossings.

Why Use a Bitcoin ATM?

Exchanges such as Coinbase or Gemini provide a convenient way to purchase Bitcoin using your bank account or a credit card. However, using an exchange to purchase Bitcoin might not be the best approach for all people.

There are many people who find that using a Bitcoin ATM is a convenient and superior alternative to using an exchange:
  • Those who are new to Bitcoin and just want to try it out in the easiest way possible,
  • consumers who are concerned about privacy, or
  • the underbanked or those who don't want to provide their bank account information to a third party.

A Bitcoin ATM can offer several advantages over an online exchange


Because you are interacting with the machine directly, rather than through an exchange, your purchase of Bitcoin is completely is not visible to any third party.

Easiest way to purchase Bitcoin

The Bitcoin ATM sends your bitcoin directly and immediately to your wallet with the push of a button. You do not need to set up an online account and then link it to a bank account or credit card, which is a process that can take days.

Quickest way to receive your Bitcoin

Transactions can take as litle as 15 seconds. Purchases of Bitcoin through an exchange can take up to a week to clear.


The Bitcoin ATM will immediately send bitcoin to your wallet of choice, whether that's a phone wallet, hardware wallet, or paper wallet.

Financial Inclusion

Because there's no need to set up an account with an online exchange and link your bank account, the Bitcoin ATM makes the world of Bitcoin available to the underbanked and those who would rather not share bank account or credit card information with an exchange.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to making sure that every transaction and interaction with us provides the best possible customer experience.

Customer Service

We will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.


We will provide the information and a user experience that will make it easy for anybody to get started with Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin ATM location will provide an atmosphere of fun that will be unlike that of any other ATM.

Sense of community

Bitcoin has generated a kinship among those who are part of the cryptocurrency revolution. The Bitcoin ATM site will deliver an experience that fosters this sense of community.

A Bitcoin ATM in the Heart of Minneapolis!

Minneapolis Bitcoin ATM is centrally located in the Minneapolis skyway, a short walk from any downtown location

A welcoming and fun location!